Specia – The Experts and Managerial Professionals Association

Our membership fee will change as of January 1, 2022

Specia’s autumn meeting decided to change the membership fee to a fixed amount for all members. In the future, the membership fee will be simpler, clearer and easier to pay.

Changes in your salary no longer affect the amount of the membership fee, and you do not have to pay the membership fee for holiday bonuses, overtime payments or benefits in kind, for example. Despite the change, the membership fee is still tax-deductible and the possibility of employer collection is maintained. The majority of Akava unions already have a flat-rate membership fee.

The best service for multiply skilled people

Through the change in the membership fee, we will be able to serve the entire target group of multiply skilled people more broadly. The change will not affect our operations, but you will continue to receive high-quality lobbying, as well as the best services for the needs of multiply skilled people, from Akava Special Branches and your own member organisation Specia. Our competence development and career planning services remain versatile, topical and free of charge for all our members.

New membership fee categories as of January 1, 2022

Membership fee: €29/month

If you are in paid employment, you pay a fixed membership fee regardless of the amount of your salary or holiday bonuses, overtime payments and benefits in kind received during the year.

Reduced membership fee: if you are in part-time (60% or less) employment, you can apply for a discount on your membership fee. The reduced membership fee is €16 per month.

The membership fee for those receiving earnings-related unemployment allowance from the unemployment fund is €23 per month

If you do not have any earned income but receive earnings-related unemployment allowance from the unemployment fund. The amount of the membership fee is the same regardless of the amount of the unemployment allowance. If you receive allowance from the fund, you pay the membership fee yourself in the future.

Minimum membership fee: €8/month

You pay the minimum membership fee if you are not in paid employment or do not receive an allowance from the Erko Fund/other unemployment fund.

The minimum membership fee applies in the following situations, for example:

  • you are on family leave (NB! If your employer pays the salary for the first three months of maternity leave, the normal membership fee will be paid for those months.)
  • you receive grants
  • you receive adult education allowance
  • you are on unpaid sick leave
  • you receive rehabilitation support
  • you receive a benefit for caring for close relatives
  • you are unemployed or laid off and receive a benefit from Kela
  • you are working abroad (and not a posted worker)

Freelancer with an employment contract: €8/month

Student membership fee: €6/month

If you are a full-time degree student, you pay the student’s membership fee regardless of whether you do paid work alongside your studies.

Pensioner’s membership fee: €8/month

Membership fee for the individual professional or entrepreneur: €10/month

If you are in military or civilian service or an honorary member, you are exempt from the membership fee

Paying membership fees

Your membership fee will be automatically set up on the new invoice based on the information in the member register. The invoice will be sent to your email in early 2022. Please ensure that your membership information is up-to-date. Please update your information on the members’ online platform as soon as possible.

The monthly amount in 2022 thus remains the same and the amount of the payment does not need to be calculated separately based on a salary receipt. As before, you can pay the membership fee in the Akava Special Branches online platform or in your own online bank based on the payment details you have received. You can also continue to authorise the employer to collect the membership fee directly from your salary.

If your employer has previously been collecting the membership fee from your salary, you do not need to do anything yourself. However, it is beneficial to verify from the first pay slip of the year that the membership fee has been paid correctly.

Please note! If you are, for example, a student, a trainee or another temporary employee, your automatic employer’s collection will end on 31 December 2021. You will receive a membership fee invoice for 2022 from us at the beginning of the year. You can ask for advice on continuing the employer’s collection from the Membership Officials of Akava Special Branches.

Please note that the membership in your unemployment fund is also included in your membership fee if you have indicated in your membership information that you have joined the fund. By becoming a member of the fund, you can receive an earnings-related unemployment benefit.

We are actively developing ways to pay the membership fee, and we are working hard to make e-invoices available during 2022.

For queries on the practicalities of paying the membership fee:

Membership Officials of Akava Special Branches

+358 800 135 370 (toll free)

Telephone services are available from Tuesday to Thursday, 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. From the beginning of 2022 our telephone services are available longer, Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.


Be sure to include your full name and member number or date of birth in the message.

You will receive your membership invoice in your email in January or February.