Specia is a trade union that represents the interests of people who work in specialist and supervisory positions in administration, business life and other organizations. We promote good labour relations as well as our members’ professional and educational rights. Specia is an affiliate of Akava Special Branches and the Confederation of Unions for Academic Professionals, Akava. We have over 7000 members.

Specia member services at your disposal!

Specia offers services to support wellbeing and motivation in working life. Our services are the same and of the same value to all of our members. As a member, you also get to participate in activities offered by Akava Special Branches.

Members also get counselling related to employment relationships and hiring, support for career planning and help for job-seeking. In addition, you get different insurances and, of course, our unemployment fund. You can find further information about our services here.

Check out the minimum salary recommendation for holders of Master and Bachelor degrees in arts, history, literature and cultural subjects!

Specia members are entitled to several benefits and services, including the following:

Legal consultation Unemployment benefit | Career and Job Hunting Services | Training | Salary counselling | Advice about family law and inheritance matters | Insurance | Grants

In matters related to the unemployment fund, the unemployment fund Erko is at your disposal.

Develop your expertise and take care of your wellbeing at work!

As a member of Specia, you also get a EUR 150 annual training allowance for developing your expertise. The training allowance can be used, for example, to pay for different training opportunities and courses!

In addition, you can use the services of our own occupational psychologist, Karri Pekka Kauppinen. You can request a password for booking an appointment at toimisto@specia.fi.

At SpeciaHub, located together with our office, our members are welcome to work remotely or rent the space for their own use. For more information, contact toimisto@specia.fi

Remember to also make use of the Member+ service available to all Akava members. In addition, you can order a free Akava calendar from the address toimisto@specia.fi

For Students

As a student member you’ll get all the same services! Feel free to contact us if you come across any questions regarding the membership or need advice on how to create a magnificent CV, job application or LinkedIn profile!

Educational Scientists and Employment -guide

This guide offers you topical information about the employment and pay of educational scientists as well as support for job seeking and development of expertise during studies.

Membership fee

As a student member, you pay a percentual membership fee from the following income:

  • earned income subject to income tax (including holiday compensation, holiday bonuses and fringe benefits)
  • adult education subsidy (from 1 January 2020 onwards)
  • benefits paid by the unemployment fund (studying on earnings-related unemployment allowance)

If you receive none of the abovementioned income, you are exempt from paying the membership fee.

Membership fee

With the membership fee, you have all the services of Specia and Akava Special Branches and the unemployment fund at your disposal. The member fee of Specia is 1 % of your income before taxes.

Keep in mind that the membership fee is tax-deductible!

You pay your union membership fee based on the income from your employment that is subject to income tax, such as gross salary, holiday compensation, holiday bonuses, a so-called support package and fringe benefits (incl. lunch, car and phone benefits) as well as on benefits paid by the Unemployment Fund for Higher Educated Employees Erko (incl. earnings-related unemployment allowance, job alternation compensation and financial support for labour market training).

Students or those on study leave are exempted from the membership fee. If you work while you study, your membership fee is a percentage of your income from your employment that is subject to income tax.

For members living abroad, the membership fee is 8 euros per month (does not apply to posted workers).

For pensioners, the membership fee is 70 euros per year (one-time payment). If you retire in the middle of a year, the membership fee is only charged for the remainder of the year as a one-time payment (5,83€/month).

For independent professionals and entrepreneurs, the membership fee is 200 euros per year (one-time payment or 16,66€/month). If you become a member or start your business in the middle of a year, the membership fee is only charged for the remainder of the year.

If you have no employment income that is subject to income tax or do not receive benefits from un unemployment fund, your membership fee is 8 euros per month. Remember to update your membership information so as to be eligible for the minimum fee!

Membership fees are not paid from options, per diem allowances, travel allowances or student allowance.

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